chasing the SUN : look 3

Look 3: trotting down the block in vintage after the boys…my curls bouncing…the sun sinking into the horizon…Cleon nervous we were losing light…Stuyvesant Avenuecoming to a screeching halt at our mere presence…my icy melting.
“This is the whorehouse on Boardwalk Empire!” I proudly exalted, beckoning to a near abandoned, sprawling mansion down the block. Cleon tried to break in…Can Boardwalk Empire do for men’s fashion what Mad Men achieved?, Joshua ponders…Steve Buscemi is no Jon Hamm
Whoop! Whoop! goes the firetruck barreling down this fair stretch of brownstones, shady trees : the block is hot.
A couple fights publicly and loudly…I explain this happens more than you would think…Joshua’s eyebrow arches at the idea…Joshua is not from Brooklyn, obviously…
Kids scream and scoot their tricycles around the corner, whizzing past us…cars slow as I crouch low on the curb to get a shot : “Men!,” I think and laugh to myself…however, Zsa Zsa Gabordid say that a woman should only worry when men STOP looking: touche.Best compliment paid to me in 54321:
-“You could be Ethiopian.”
-“Oh, shucks, you say that to all the girls!”

Cleon: “Put your arms up!”… ::channelling Tracee Ellis Ross:: Is it working?Tracee can you hear me?

Must visit Edith + Machinist soon to re-fill closet and check in with the ladies…I’m such a sucker for a “throw-on” piece like this frock, but then what girl isn’t in 90-degree weather…vintage frocks, rompers, jumpsuits : these are the things that a summer wardrobe is made of…as little fabric as possible…

Red is my power color…I’m attracted to the warmth of this brazen shade : it brings out my innate fire…as an Aries, I stoke that fire each day…as an Aries, I have a temper tantrum at least once a day…

Cleon dodges oncoming traffic to shoot me walking across the street…I think I subconsciously sabotage the shot because I’m afraid he’ll be hit…

The sun is quickly saying good-bye…we must retreat…

-“I like your dress….” I blush…
-“This old thing?”

All photos courtesy of Cleon Grey of Aveder Outfit

Dress by vintage (Edith + Machinist)
Shoes by Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony

  1. Dalya said:

    Classy beautiful Marjon!

  2. Marjon said:

    Aw, thank you Dalya! Texas love!!

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