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Caroline Issa x MFW

While I work tirelessly on my new LADYPANTS project (one I think you will love), I still remain inspired by the happenings in fashion that are occurring around me. Fashion month is, of course, a focal point of mine at the moment, but I am finding that so much of the excitement is happening off the runway these days. I am admittedly inundated, swept under a deluge of fashion, what with the constant stream of collections (Fall/Winter, Spring/Summer, Resort, Cruise, Pre-Fall, Pre-Spring, select collaborations, next! next! next!), that it’s harder to suss out the mediocrity and make the proper edits. I often think of what designer, Azzedine Alaia once said of it all: “Today I believe designers are asked to do too much, too many collections. It’s inconceivable to me that someone that creative can have a new idea every two months. Because if I have one new idea in a year, I thank heaven.” Only the greats can get away with such candidness.

Julia Sarr-Jamois x MFW

However, I have found inspiration in the little spots of genius like the new Barney’s New York’s Spring campaign, “Tree Time.”

Tapping editorial and style mix master, Julia Sarr Jamois, as one of its spokeswomen, the French-Senegalese former model brings her seemingly effortless beauty and instinctive approach to style to the project, below.

I also enjoyed learning more about Penelope Tree’s journey, she the face of the 70s, who almost lost in all in a near-death scrape with a skin-eating disease. I kid you not. Fashion is full of survivors.

I am equally excited about the release of the second issue of acclaimed art and fashion publication, Garage. The whimsical cover, which in its children’s illustration visual cadence, illuminates the subject of sex, sexuality, and gay rights. I have been smiling about Peter Rabbit marrying the Sly Flox in Jil Sander and Missoni ensembles since Shala showed me a few weeks ago. Divine.

I’ve also been dreaming up a possible trip soon. I feel like I have been stuck in New York for far too long, having not traveled abroad in over a year. I was thinking perhaps Paris or Tulum, Mexico: yes, I realize two divergent locales, but absolutely delicious ideas. Paris, clearly, for its culture, fashion, art, food, and ability to make anyone a believer (see: “Midnight In Paris”), while Tulum speaks to my internal beach bunny. I love Mexican culture, food, and the language; my accent is something I take great pride in. We shall see where the wind takes me….

I haven’t been reading as I should be, so I need a new paperback to tackle. I love going to McNally Jackson in Soho and trolling the shelves, so I’ll have to stop by soon to see what they have. Any ideas? I am welcome to them. Too much television, I suppose. The really, really bad kind, too: reality television is a guilty pleasure of mine. Terrible, but true. But I am thrilled to know Donald Draper will be sending me a large birthday present this year in the form of a 2-hr season premiere on the 25th. He knows me so well. I am also interested to see stylist, June Ambrose’s, project on Vh1, “Styled by June.” She’s earned it, certainly, and though I don’t always agree with her style approach it’s great to see a hard-working woman of color represented evenly.

My brother's 2006 GQ appearance

Oh, and have you been watching my dear older brother, Jordan, in his new show, “I Just Want My Pants Back” (right)? I am so proud of him: he is a constant inspiration, and one of the funniest people I know. He and my oldest brother, Joseph, used to put on puppet shows for me when I was a wee tot, so it’s amazing to see him and this amazing new break years later. Watch it tonight, 11/10 CT on MTV: it’s amazing comedic writing and my father must be so pleased that one of his children is finally a doctor (even if he plays one on television)!

It mustn’t have been a huge surprise to my father that all his children were creative somehow, though. He did constantly expose us to the arts, and me to one of my favorite photographers, Cindy Sherman. When the Fort Worth Modern Art Museum opened in 2004, he took me and I fell for her “Film Still” collection. My father purchased a large-scale print for me, and I plastered it on my college apartment wall. Cindy, ascending a staircase, cloaked in shadows. I don’t know why, but I just responded to the imagery. I can’t wait to check out the full “Film Still” project at the MOMA this month, and replace that print I have no clue how I lost!

Cindy Sherman's, "Film Still #65"

I have also been trying to figure out the perfect way to usher in the Spring, if it be through a gingham Miu Miu slingback, Isabel’s high-top sneaker, or Alexander Wang’s floral-print pants. I just want something that is very identifiably printemps. Hmmm, ok, now back to the project wherein I will most likely be listening to K. Frimprong, M.I.A., Beyonce, Jesse Boykins, Lana del Rey, or Beethoven. It all inspires me!

Photo of Caroline Issa courtesy of Tommy Ton + Photo of Julia Sarr-Jamois courtesy of Angy’s Tea Room

  1. Nik said:

    I vote Isabel’s sneaker. Loving that look!

    • LADYPANTS said:

      Me too! I am on such a long Wait List, however. We shall see!

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