4 Fashion-Blogger Outfit Formulas to Try This Season

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Are you dressed for a warmer weather? Yes, it is too early to bid farewell to polar vortex, but it is never too early to start reorganizing and preparing our wardrobe for the upcoming change of seasons. Often, interpreting the latest trends and predicting what will be fashionable in a couple of months’ time can be a tricky business for a fashion layman.

Luckily fashion bloggers are experts in translating the often confusing and eccentric runway looks into wearable everyday outfit combinations. These combinations often include rotatable pieces that most of us already have in our closets, just incorporated in new ready-to-wear sets. Here are bloggers’ secret formulas for the season.

Formulas for Her

#1: White Skinny Jeans + Simple Tee + Trench Coat + Flats

A perfect finishing layer for any spring outfit is a classic trench coat. It is a timeless piece that can be found in any wardrobe. It is perfect for unpredictable spring weather. A well fitted trench can make even the simplest outfit look chic. This season, trench coats in a neutral color palette will be quite fashionable. Say goodbye to winter with a beige or white coat over a casual all-white look for the freshest spring effect.

White Skinny Jeans

Team white denims with a plain white tee and white espadrilles. White jeans make an interesting pair with a graphic t-shirt and animal patterned flats. We love this look because it is so simple to copy and so comfy. For a touch of femininity, add an elegant bag to the combination. Funky sunglasses will round everything up.

#2: Simple Midi Dress + Short Jacket + Ankle Boots

Looking for a simple yet effective combination that can easily slide between work and casual? Look no further. Do your Saturday morning popping around the town in a short sleeve midi dress and layer it with a denim jacket. Add a pair of your most comfortable ankle boots and you are ready to hit the town. With ankle boots you do not need to worry about being stylish and chic. Your flower patterned well-cut blazer and an everyday work bag will transform this same dress-boots set into a perfect work uniform. Getting ready for a night on the town? For a sexy twist incorporate a slim-fit dress and an edgy leather jacket into the combo. Remember, every outfit looks better with a pair of earrings.

Formulas for Him

#1: Tailored Suit

Here we have an all time winner. There is hardly anything more pleasing to a woman’s eye than a man wearing a suit. Likewise, there is hardly anything less pleasing than a man wearing a suit that does not fit him well. And off-the-rack suits rarely do. If you are aiming at a refined look, then you should browse for reliable professionals who make custom tailored men suits. It is not just a matter of the measures.

When ordering a custom made suit, you can choose the materials and cuts that will reflect your personal style. If silk suits are too refined for you, tweed is always a safe choice. And with one suit you will get two endlessly combinable pieces.

custom tailored men suits

Suit jacket can be worn with denim trousers and a casual shirt. To get a real dandy look, add a vintage bowtie, leather lace-up boots and a cap. Custom suits require time to be made, but if you start now, you will have it before the spring sets in.

#2: Button-Down Shirt + Trousers + Loafers

Menswear has always been about utility and comfort. In 2016, the athleisure style is stepping up the game. Get a headstart on the trend with a button-down shirt, trousers, and a pair of comfy loafers. Opt for a long-sleeve shirt, or even a long-sleeve t-shirt, or layer up a short-sleeve shirt with a cardigan for warmth.

Do you have your favorite tried-and-tested outfit formula to share with us?

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