Hair Growing Tips For Longer Healthier Hair

Hair Growing Tips

If you have struggled with shoulder length hair for as long as you can remember don’t despair. Hair that stagnates at a particular length can thankfully be grown out longer. The reason is doesn’t seem to grow beyond a certain length is due to poor styling and hair care choices made by you. Start looking after your hair by following the tips outlined below and watch in amazement as your hair starts to grow thicker, longer and healthier.

A healthy scalp is the most important foundation required for healthy hair growth. If your scalp is in poor condition, then you can expect the hair that grows out of it to look dull, thin and unhealthy. If growing thicker longer healthy hair is important to you then the first thing you must do is ensure your scalp is in a healthy state. Wash your hair as often as is comfortable for you and your particular hair type. If you have dry hair then washing it daily will be counter productive. However often you wash, aim to use a shampoo that cleanses your scalp of oil, grease and dirt, but also provides nourishment. One of the best shampoos for hair growth is the Crece Pelo shampoo which is part of a plant based range of products that encourage hair growth. It keeps dandruff at bay and provides the nutrients your scalp and follicles require to grow healthy hair.

Retention is key to your success! If you don’t retain the hair you currently have, then it will be impossible to notice new growth. This is probably the biggest culprit for your lack of success to date. If your hair is chemically processed, that is permed or coloured then you need to pay even more attention to your ends. Processed hair has a tendency to be dry and brittle and therefore break off. Use a deep conditioning hair mask that is suitable for processed hair. If possible aim for one with hair strengthening hydrolysed proteins like keratin, collagen or silk proteins.

Another tip for retaining more hair is to rub a little bit of oil on your ends to stop them from drying out. Obviously if you have oily hair then you’ll probably need to wash your hair more regularly. Alternatively completely skip the oil and instead opt for a leave in conditioner. Only a tiny amount is needed and as long as it is applied only to your ends it shouldn’t cause you any problems or issues.

Scalp massages are a great way to increase circulation to the scalp. There are a whole bunch of methods on YouTube about how the inversion method helps grow hair faster. Perhaps the act of inverting one’s head may help direct more blood to the scalp, however the technique also incorporates massage because the massaging is the best way of increasing blood flow to the hair follicles. So if you aren’t brave enough to do the inversion method, or have found it uncomfortable, then stick to scalp massages. Aim to gently massage your scalp for five to 10 minutes everyday. Some people like to use natural oils like coconut oil for their daily scalp massages, however if you want an extra boost use hair growth drops on your scalp before massaging it.

Last but not the least is nutrition. Your body requires the right nutrients to produce healthy hair. Wholesome unprocessed foods provide the best nutrition your body can easily breakdown and actually absorb. Protein is very important for hair growth so ensure you are consuming adequate quantities. If all else fails then a hair growth vitamin or supplement can serve as a substitute. It is worth noting however that sometimes these supplements don’t dissolve completely in the stomach, and even when they do they have to be consumed with food to make it easier for the body to absorb them.

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